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Beacon Manufacturing Co. Catalogs & Ephemera


Beacon Blankets catalogs, ad books, and price lists ranging from the mid-1920s to the late 1950s.


Beacon Blankets, Beacon Manufacturing


Swannanoa Valley Museum and History Center


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Beacon Blankets Fall & Winter Catalogue 1925-1926
A scan of a paper catalog of blanket patterns and dimensions sold by Beacon Blankets for the 1925-26 winter season. An insert in the front of the booklet explains that most of the blankets featured are products of the mill in New Bedford, MA the…

1928 Beacon Blankets Catalogue and Price List
A paper booklet catalogue with colored illustrations of Beacon Blankets products for 1928. The catalog is divided into sections based on which plant the blankets were produced in. A paper insert in the front of the catalogue gives a detailed price…

1931 Beacon Blankets and Robe Cloth Catalog
An illustrated catalog distributed by Beacon Blankets showing their 1931 line of blankets divided by their mill of origin.

Beacon Blankets 1953 Catalog
An illustrated and colorized catalog for Beacon Blankets products for the year of 1953.

Beacon Blankets Catalog 1939 and Price List
An Illustrated catalog of Beacon products from 1939. Included in the scan is the price list from the same year. Both the catalog and the price list feature illustrations of the Swannanoa mill.

Beacon Blankets Price List 1938
A small paper booklet detailing the price for Beacon Blanket's 1938 product line.

Beacon Blankets 1950 Catalog
An illustrated catalog of Beacon products from the 1950 season.

Beacon Ad Book
A booklet published by Beacon with examples of advertising to be used by retailers selling Beacon Blankets. Including window displays, posters, newspaper advertisements, etc. and examples from their Boston and New York Showrooms.

J.C. Penney Beacon Blanket Catalog
A catalog published by Beacon Manufacturing and J.C. Penney showing the blankets available for retail at J.C. Penney locations. (Year unknown.)
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