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Begley, Wendell Transcription 2004-10-14.pdf
A transcription of an oral interview of Wendell Begley, conducted by Donna Kelly. Wendell Begley explains his family's ties to the Swannanoa Valley as well as his connection to other founding families in the area. Begley discusses the creation of…

Thelma Crisp Oral Interview.pdf
Thelma Crisp discusses her involvement with Black Mountain Sanitarium and husband's health as a patient. She also talks about community life within Warren Wilson College

Beacon J C Penney_Optimized.pdf
A catalog published by Beacon Manufacturing and J.C. Penney showing the blankets available for retail at J.C. Penney locations. (Year unknown.)

Beacon AD Book.pdf
A booklet published by Beacon with examples of advertising to be used by retailers selling Beacon Blankets. Including window displays, posters, newspaper advertisements, etc. and examples from their Boston and New York Showrooms.

Beacon 1950_Optimized.pdf
An illustrated catalog of Beacon products from the 1950 season.

Beacon Price List 1938_Optimized.pdf
A small paper booklet detailing the price for Beacon Blanket's 1938 product line.

Beacon 1939 and Price List_Optimized.pdf
An Illustrated catalog of Beacon products from 1939. Included in the scan is the price list from the same year. Both the catalog and the price list feature illustrations of the Swannanoa mill.

Begley, Ruby Transcription 2017-3-17.pdf
A transcription of an oral history with Ruby Begley, conducted by Anne Chesky-Smith and Andrea Dewitt. Ruby Begley describes her career as the owner of a beauty shop in Black Mountain as well as her and her husband's real estate ventures in the area.…

Jason Conner.pdf
Jason Conner discusses the history of the Grovestone rock quarry, its correlation to Edwin Wiley Grove - founder of the Grove Park Inn and Grove Arcade in Asheville, North Carolina, and the company's involvement with the surrounding communities and…
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